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The Sharing and On Demand Economy (SODE) is growing up. From the niche to the mainstream, SODE businesses are now becoming some of the world's most powerful economic players. According to a research by PwC, the sector is predicted to be worth £335 billion by 2025.

 But this success story has not been without its difficulties. Whether it's re-shaping the global workforce, questioning traditional business models or challenging established laws and policies, the SODE has a reputation for disruption - and it hasn't always been seen in a positive light.

Today, the SODE is moving into a new phase of maturity. In order to continue scaling and reach the next level of growth, companies must work with the other players in their space. And so, a new kind of disruption is being born: a positive disruption which sees the SODE working together with governments, regulators and leading brands to change the game - and move it forward – on a global scale.

Today in London, we have gathered here to continue leading that conversation, discuss our future and begin making the rules that will change the SODE industry - here in Britain, and in the rest of the world.

Introductory Note by Husayn Kassai

CEO, Onfido








[..] definitely the most relevant conference I’ve been to regarding the Sharing Economy!
— Ruchir Gupta, BlaBlaCar
It was great - as a policy consultant - to go to an event on the sharing economy that focused on policy. It’s a crucial part of the wider debate, but often gets squeezed in at the end. It was good to see these issues get a proper airing at the conference.
— Victoria Read, Delany & Co
A great event and impressive line-up and turn out.
— Micaela Chappell, Urban Massage
I was very impressed by the calibre of panelists, moderators and attendees.
Good round-up of SE topics covered, and a very helpful reframing of the sector away from ‘disruption’ into a more grown-up outlook of self-regulation, partnerships, and being ‘responsible corporate citizens’ without losing the drive to innovate and create opportunities.
— Olivier van Calster, MBA & Company
[…] an impressive event, both in terms of the quality of the panel discussions and also the interesting people in the audience.
— Will Sheldon, Summit Partners






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